We are just going to pretend that I didn’t take a 6 month break from the blog, ok?

{although in the past 6 months I have had a baby, bought a house, done a few weddings & gone back to teaching full time… I’m excused, right?}

Getting right back to it…


giraffe halloween

Since Emery loves Sophie {is there a kid who doesn’t?} and Jeffrey, her WubbaNub giraffe paci… it was obvious that she needed to be a giraffe, right?!

Tonight, she will be in costume two {or three if you count her skeleton glow-in-the dark jammies} which is the cutest little black cat. If you follow me on instagram, @everydayloveevents, I will post more dressed up darling-ness.

I have big plans of eating a huge bowl of chili, drinking a glass of wine, and passing out candy to the neighborhood kids while watching Hocus Pocus.

I. Can’t. Wait.

We are still getting situated at the house but I needed to get at least one festive chalkboard up.

Emery’s footprints as ghosts, gets me every time.

While making her little art project, I told my friend “This is why I became a mother”. Haha, true story.

halloween chalkboard | everyday love events

{ Idea borrowed from inspired by charm… thanks! }

Coming up on our project list… painting and bead boarding over that floral wallpaper.

More house updates coming soon…. or maybe I should say eventually :)

What are you doing to celebrate Halloween?

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I’ve shared my inspiration for Emery’s nursery and now that our sweet little lady is home, it’s time to share her nursery.

I love the way that it turned out, totally my favorite room in our place!

{pink & gold nursery} everyday love events

Since we are renting, these vinyl confetti dots were the perfect way to make the space her own without needing to paint. {although I would have made the walls a whiter-white if we were painting}

Those darling pillow in the glider make me giddy!

{gold heart from @shabbylittleshop on instagram & gold sequin stripes from pottery barn}

{pink & gold nursery} everyday love events

This big window lets in great afternoon sunlight and Em loves to watch the shadows moving across the room from her changing table.

{pink & gold nursery} everyday love events

I’ve been working with a bride on creating himmeli inspired wreaths for her wedding {it’s going to be amazing, y’all} so I decided to make one for the nursery mobile. It’s a great touch of modern geometric and casts some great shadows throughout the day.

{pink & gold nursery} everyday love events

This print seemed like the perfect reminder for our little one to shine bright. {I wasn’t sold on this owl nightlight, it’s not the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, but it’s battery operated and has a 20 minute timer… perfect for late night diaper changes and nursing}

{pink & gold nursery} everyday love events

Our glider, from Chris’ grandmother, was recovered by my grandmother. My heart is happy knowing that this will be something that will stay in our family for years. My gold tray {on top of the two-toned basket that holds baby toys} also makes me happy. Mainly because it’s the perfect spot for holding my venti ice water. I can’t feed Emmy without having my water next to me and rotating cute cups help, right?

{pink & gold nursery} everyday love events

As I shared earlier, we kept Emery’s name a secret until she was born. The only people that knew her name were Chris, Jen {our incredible maternity photographer}, the calligrapher from the cream even who created this, and me. It was such a hard secret to keep but such a fun surprise. At the cream event, a few ladies were busting out this gorgeous calligraphy so I asked her to write our baby’s name. It’s perfect in this Jonathan Adler frame.

{pink & gold nursery} everyday love events

This area didn’t seem to photograph well. Here it looks busy and cluttered, in person it is warm and inviting. The “how sweet it is to be loved by you” painting is from the dessert bar at our wedding and the canvas below is from our save the date photo shoot. We needed a place for these to hang once we converted this room to a nursery and thought they worked well for Em to see while in her crib. The Ikea ledges are the perfect place for some of her books {with many, many more overflowing in baskets all around}. Although that fan isn’t the best looking, it cranks out some cold air… very needed since we don’t have ac in this room. {Once I saw the remote control I was sold… turning on the fan while nursing my babe in the glider? okay!}

{pink & gold nursery} everyday love events

This little lady has no shortage of hairbands, bows & flowers. I love having them displayed in this apothecary jar where I can easily find what I am looking for. {bonus points for the adorable shape of the jar} My friend Melissa, you might remember her bridal shower, made this cute container where I can clip flowers and bows onto gold ribbon.

{pink & gold nursery} everyday love events

If you follow me on instagram you got a sneak peek at the before of this box. A few coats of gold spray paint and here it is… a fun place to hold little keepsakes. The coral and gold framed pattern art is a target notecard and I created the gold glitter print. She really is the perfect gift from above. We are so grateful and so blessed.

{how cute are her sunglasses for 4th of July?!?}

The final nursery design {for now, at least} has changed a bit from my original inspiration… and I am so happy with it.

The goal was to create a peaceful place for us to build lasting memories with our sweet girl and that is just what we have done.

{feel free to ask for sources… instead of including all of them I’m snuggling our baby but I’d be glad to let you know where things came from!}

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She’s here. Our sweet baby girl is here. I’m a mother, and I have a daughter. Whoa. Sometimes it doesn’t even seem real. Chris and I are so blessed that God called upon us to be Emery’s parents. {we kept her name a surprise until her birth day. It’s Emery Capri. Cute right?}

As I’m writing this it’s the middle of the night and I’m rocking our babe to sleep in my arms, {something we said we wouldn’t do, ha! How quickly our ideas of parenting change. Although we do want her to get used to falling asleep on her own. I digress.} and I couldn’t be happier.

It’s amazing how quickly we have fallen completely in love with her. She is one week old today. It seems like just yesterday we found out we were adding to our family & at the same time I feel as if  I can’t remember life without her. Ahhhh, sweet baby love.

Here is a favorite photo of her from my iphone. {her newborn shoot is Thursday… Darling photos to follow! And our maternity photos are being featured on a favorite baby blog…. More on that coming soon!}


Does Throwback Thursday work for blog posts? Yes, great. Now that it’s feeling like summer here in SoCal, it’s the perfect time for a winter ONEderland themed 1st birthday, right?

Waaaayyyyy back in December, I designed this winter themed first birthday for sweet Aria.

winter ONEderland | everyday love events

{Seriously, how beautiful is she? And how funny that I thought I looked sooo pregnant back then. Nothing compared to this basketball baby I’ve got baking now!}

winter ONEderland 1st birthday signs | everyday love events

These signs lined the snow covered driveway entrance to the party. Yes, snow!

winter ONEderland | everyday love events

We brought in snow {on the hottest day in December} to really make it a winter wonderland ONEderland.

winter ONEderland | everyday love events

It was so great to see the kids playing with the snow, most of them for the first time.

{Although, the “adult” kids probably had the most fun with their snowball fight that spanned across and down the street. It was so funny to see the looks of neighbors when they realized that snowballs were flying by}

winter ONEderland first birthday backdrop | everyday love events

This photo backdrop was perfect to welcome guests into the backyard and to take photos with the precious birthday babe!

Winter ONEderland 1st birthday | everyday love events

I think Aria was a happy customer!

winter ONEderland 1st birthday cake | everyday love events

The gold glitter 1 cake topper was the perfect addition to this mint green and white cake.

winter ONEderland 1st birthday snowman soup | everyday love events

Aria’s momma made snowman soup favors for all the kiddos. Yum!

winter ONEderland 1st birthday | everyday love events

I can’t believe I didn’t get any other centerpiece photos. Imagine with me, ok? Tables were covered with mint and white polka dot linens with small silver trees decorated with gold and mint ornaments. Large white balloons and white paper chains filled the space with a playful look.

winter ONEderland 1st birthday |everyday love events

Happy winter ONEderland 1st birthday, sweet Aria!

I can’t get enough of the mint, gold, and silver color scheme we had going on… perfect for spring too, right?

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With Easter right around the corner and our little miss set to arrive on the 15th (!!!!) it’s time to diy some eggs. Although I’ve seen some store bought versions lately (hello, target glitter eggs!) I wanted to make my own version.

I found these great pastel plastic eggs on sale at Vons, of all places.  To add a touch of cuteness to them I used a gold sharpie paint pen to polka dot the eggs. I loved how quick and easy this transformation was.

{hint: it’s easier if you open the eggs up so you can lay them flat to dry}

Since our sweet little lady will be here for Easter, she needs a basket, right?!?

I put together a few fun little newborn treats for baby {& peeps for momma!}

baby girl easter basket | everyday love events

A few of our “little peeps” goodies…

- bunny book from Michael’s

- I love ewe lamb

- peep onesie, dollar bin bunny ears, and rattle from target

- plastic eggs with headbands (diy coming soon at some point}

- and it’s not Easter without peeps! I love them, anyone else with me?

{If you’re over all the baby posts, don’t worry…. I have some great parties to post and some amazing weddings that I’m working on right now. Clearly with my lack of updates lately, I’ve had my hands full. And this is before baby, oh boy! or should I say oh, girl! haha!}

What are your favorite Easter basket goodies?

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{happy valentine's day} | everyday love events{watercolor anemones} | everyday love events|Painted in Waterlogue

Anemones are some of my favorite flowers {I think they tie with peonies} but they are just so hard to find. Instead of splurging on a pricy bouquet for valentine’s day, I have turned a photo of these beauties into a watercolor painting that is ready to print, frame, and enjoy all year long!

{If you haven’t tried the new waterlogue app that I used, it’s a must! }

I hope your day is filled with love and pretty flowers, even if they are the framed variety!

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You may have seen my Valentine’s Day Favorites earlier this week, and I’m back with some of my festive picks for little ones.

{valentine's favorites - for kids} | everyday love events

red pocket bodysuit | polka dot swimsuit | heart quilted vest

navy striped cardigan | my heart belongs to daddy

conversation heart bowpleated stripe dress | sweet doll

Sorry boys, this is lots of girl goodies…. but then again I guess that’s going to prep the boys for when they are dealin’ out valentines to all the girls, right?

I love that little striped cardigan with the elbow patches. {a girl could totally pull it off too with a big pink and gold bow…. I die}

What do you do for your little loves for Valentine’s Day?

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Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly, just one week from today! While I love the excuse to pull out all things pink and love-y, I’m not into much else of the holiday. {although my pregnancy sweet tooth might enjoy some extra candy this year!} Instead of braving the crowds at restaurants that have over-priced fixed menus, we are going to be hanging at home with homemade pizza and banana splits {and some cute decorations, obviously} Sounds like the perfect night to me.

If you’re looking to spread the cheer around your house for cupid’s big day, I’ve rounded up some of my favorites for the home… baby edition coming soon.

{valentine's day favorites} everyday love eventsyou’re a gem free printable | a true love story never ends free printable | xoxo tutorial

breaking bad valentine | coral & peach luggage storage set | cookie jars

geometric heart tutorial | the greatest is love print

I’ve already printed out the ‘you’re a gem” watercolor heart and plan on framing it in a gold frame for the nursery for valentine’s day. {I’m determined to have this little lady love holiday décor as much as I do} The inspiration board for the nursery is here, and photos of the progress will be coming soon…

Can we just talk about this breaking bad valentine for a second, seriously how perfect. I’ve actually recreated this image on our chalkboard and smile inside every time I walk by. Anyone else missing breaking bad as much as I am?

Happy day-of-love decorating!

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Wow, 2013 flew by! This has been one of my favorite years thus far {although I’m already anticipating 2014 to be incredible with the birth of our baby girl!}

I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love to do surrounded with those that I love.

I hope you have a happy & safe New Year’s Eve and a fabulous 2014!

cheers 2014 | everyday love events

For our gender reveal party we wanted to have a fun way for everyone to participate in the actual boy-or-girl reveal. I have seen poppers floating around on etsy but was not wanting to spend $5 a pop (see what I did there?) on them. DIY to the rescue. These took some time to make but were pretty easy and turned out exactly as I wanted!

DIY gender reveal confetti poppers | everyday love events

First up, gather your supplies. I have a crazy amazon prime addiction going on right now so I ordered the cake push pops from here… but I’ve also seen them at Michael’s and Joann’s. You’ll also need tissue paper confetti, spray paint (for the lid), full sheet label paper and the design that you want printed.

DIY gender reveal confetti poppers | everyday love events

Obviously we did pink confetti since we are having a girl but these would also work for New Year’s Eve and would be amazing with black, white & gold tissue!

{To make the confetti just grab a bunch of tissue paper and cut into little pieces, I didn’t worry too much about keeping the same size since no one would be able to tell as they were being popped. I wanted shades of pink so I grabbed a few packs of tissue at target that already had varying pinks in it. score}

Next you need to spray your lids so you don’t have anyone peeking in to see the confetti color before the big pop… plus how cute is the gold lid!

{Bonus, if you’re the pregnant one have your husband do the spraying for you… your little babe doesn’t need all those fumes and it’s a good way to get daddy involved}

At this point you could also spray the bottom disks {I would have if I had thought about it} or you can do what I did and cut out stickers from the label paper so you don’t have anyone peeking up the poppers skirt. No cheaters up in here.

diy gender reveal confetti poppers | everyday love events

{Here is the base… it will make more sense when you are actually holding your popper}

Now, choose a cute design to print on your printer paper, cut and stick ‘em on.

{If you want me to send you the template that I used for the design, shoot me an email or let me know in the comments below!}

{Honestly, this was the most time consuming part… I found that only undoing the part that you are sticking works the best. I slowly unpeeled the backing as I stuck it on to the popper. Try it, you’ll get it to work.}

DIY gender reveal confetti poppers | everyday love events

Aren’t they fun?

To see how they look in action check out the photos from our party!

What have you seen for gender reveal ideas?