At first we thought we were going to wait until the baby was born to find out the gender… who am I kidding? I am such a planner, there is no way that was going to fly. As soon as we decided that we would find out the gender I started planning our gender reveal party.

We, and by we I totally mean I, went with a black, white, & gold color scheme with touches of mint for a boy and pink for a girl.

gender reveal poppers | everyday love events

I didn’t want to spend a ton of money so we used items that we have collected from past parties, mainly our black, white & gold holiday cocktail party.

{I’m seeing a color and graphic design pattern here…. what can I say, I like what I like!}

gender reveal party | everyday love events

As guests entered they were asked to cast their vote and choose a pin to wear, either a pink bow or a mint mustache.

{I simply printed the images on cardstock, cut them into rectangles, and hot glued a pin on the back}

gender reveal party name suggestions | everyday love events

To give our guests something to do before the big reveal (and to hopefully help us find a name for our lil one) we asked for name suggestions for both boys and girls. Guests gave us a baby name idea and wrote their own name as well. We had some really sweet names and some pretty funny ones as well.

{Chalupa Batman was my favorite… does anyone else watch the league?}

gender reveal photo booth | everyday love events

We also had a little photo booth backdrop set up for guest to pose with either a bow or mustache. Instead of having someone on photo booth duty I placed a camera on the prop table and people took turns taking each other’s photos.

{The backdrop was my favorite ikea throw nailed into the wall. Looking at it now, I wish I would have stretched and nailed the bottom, too. Oh well, you get the idea}

gender reveal party | everyday love events

This frame, that I used to tell my girlfriends about baby evans, became a fun photo booth prop.

{super easy DIY – push gold tacks into black foam board, both found at dollar tree. cute and cheap, yes please!}

The bow and mustache were printed on cardstock, cut out, and hot glued onto wooden dowels.

gender reveal party | everyday love events

Lots of boy votes from my girlfriends.

gender reveal party | everyday love events

I don’t want to even admit how long it took to get all these guys looking in the same direction…. and before we could even take a second photo this is how we found them.

gender reveal party | everyday love events

They sure grabbed those beers quickly.

gender reveal photo booth | everyday love events

Such a loved baby already!

gender reveal party | everyday love events

Just because I can’t enjoy a cocktail doesn’t mean that our guest can’t!

We had a variety of beer, wine & champagne for those who wanted to celebrate with a drink. Not wanting to leave out the non-drinkers we had lemonade & mineral water (my favorite non-alcoholic treat) as well as ice water and passion fruit iced tea.

The linen has a bit of a strange mermaid sheen to it but is actually a black linen with a gold sequin overlay. Much better in person, I promise.

{and of course I couldn’t be without my favorite black & white striped cocktail napkins and polka dot straws from target. really, what would we do without target?}

Guests also munched on appetizers (buffalo chicken ranch dip, BBQ meatballs, dill dip with veggies, and cheese and crackers) while waiting for the big reveal.

gender reveal poppers | everyday love events

When the clock struck 3:00 it was popper time! We gathered everyone together and gave them each a popper with strict instructions not to pop them early!

{no premature popping as my hubby said, that lead to quite a few jokes}

{popper diy coming soon!}

We counted down….. and …..

gender reveal poppers | everyday love events

gender reveal poppers | everyday love events

gender reveal poppers | everyday love events

I love seeing everyone’s faces as they realize what color the confetti is!

it's a girl | everyday love events

These sweet “it’s a girl” earrings were a gift from my hubby’s aunt. Such a fun idea!

{she had a pair that read “it’s a boy” that have since been returned. clever lady}

gender reveal party | everyday love events

Baby girl and her grandparents. This photo makes my heart happy.

gender reveal party | everyday love events

I’m guessing that the majority of people added their votes after we popped the poppers since before the vote was heavily favoring the boy direction!

This was such a fun way to celebrate our girl news with our family, friends, and now all of you!

So, who has some good girl names for us?


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4 Responses to {gender reveal party}

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  2. Shantel says:

    Just curious if it was hard to pop off the lids?

    • jessica says:

      Hi Shantel,
      It was really easy to pop the lids off. We had guests hit the bottom almost as if they were serving a volleyball underhand. Does that make sense, or just in my crazy head? Good luck and let me know if I can help with anything else.


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